Serguei Zlenko

Born in Georgia in 1960 ,Serguei Zlenko is a classically trained artist whose works represent the school of traditional Russian painting .His works include, amongst other things, topographical landscapes, classic ballet dancer motifs and figurative portraits of people, animals and events. Zlenko is inspired by a vast array of topics ,which can be seen in his multidimensional artworks . In his portraits, Zlenko succeeds in capturing a natural and spontaneous mo- ment which makes his paintings almost photo-like.His extensive academic training is visible in the different techniques he masters and the unusual visual angles and asymmetrical ordonnances he uses.In his ballet paintings ,Zlenko pictures not only the elegance and glorious postures of the ballerinas, but also the life backstage with conversation before a show and all the physical struggles. Most of Zlenko’s works are oil paintings ,but he also works with watercolors and pastel. Serguei Zlenko has studied in the Russian Art Academy’s Art School and the Surikov Art Academy in Moscow.His art is shown in galleries and collections all over Europe and the United States. Ask the price